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Purchase Order Insurance to receive a replacement copy or refund for any damaged items received in your order from Carbonized Records! Order Insurance can be purchased to protect any order. Without the purchase of Order Insurance, we are not responsible for any Damage or Loss to any order once it has been shipped. With your Order Insurance purchase, you understand and agree to the following rules and regulations posted below:

- Order Insurance is good for one (1) order only.

- If an item is damaged upon delivery, a claim must be made within one week (7 days) of tracking delivery date.

- Photographic evidence of the package and product is required to honor claim. 

- Buyer may be required to return any damaged item(s) purchased if we deem it necessary,

- Order Insurance covers damage done to the physical product. this includes but not limited to:

- Severely Damaged LP Jacket, Warped or Malformed Vinyl, Broken CD Jewelcases, Scratched Compact Discs, Broken Cassette Cases, Damaged Cassette Tape Shells.

- If an item cannot be replaced a refund will be given if claim is accepted.

- All Orders are given Tracking Numbers. If you are claiming the order you purchased has been lost in transit, a claim must be submitted within 30 days for the United States (60 days for International). Orders will not be considered lost until after previously stated times have elapsed.

- If your order is returned to Carbonized Records or lost in transit because of incorrect address/recipient information, it will not be covered by Order Insurance. If you have made an error with the information you entered or have to change anything, please tell us and we will update it ASAP! 

- Once an order is shipped from our location, you cannot purchase Order Insurance to protect your order. 

Claims can be written directly to carbonizedrecords@gmail.com